About Me

I am Ruben Manduré, the real name of Joe Ralmand.

In addition to being a physical education teacher, lifeguard, and high-performance athlete, I have a passion for astrophysics, astronomy, and of course, hard science fiction.

Why use a pseudonym? And why with an Anglophile tone? It’s simple, through my publications and my books I want to help unite the Hispanic and Latino community with the English-speaking community in the world of science fiction.

Because one thing is certain: in English we can find a much larger science fiction universe than in Spanish, and in our countries the genre is much less developed. And without speaking of discrimination or preconceptions, I know that millions of readers in English are lazy to learn more about science fiction in other languages.

I hope to be a humble link that helps form that chain of knowledge and dissemination. I invite you to read my blog, share it and be part of this journey with Joe Ralmand.